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DIY Porch Tips for Summer

1. Timber Side Table - Grab attention & set the appearance of your porch with reclaimed or rustic timber side tables. Easy to create from timber or reclaimed logs, these additions to the porch add functionality & personality to any porch.

2. Mason Jar Porch-lights - Create ambience with traditional candles or use LED lights for a more permanent effect. Save money by fabricating the lights yourself!

3. Wooden Trellis - Give your plants room to spread while creating a more visually put-together porch. Create your own trellis using various types of material & sizes.

4. Rustic Plant Stand - Use various combinations of lumber & stone to create planters & stands.

5. Homemade Citronella Candles - Simply add water, lemon, lime, & rosemary together in a container or mason jar. Add a floating candle to help repel mosquitoes.

diy tips 5.31.2019 copy
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