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Born Again is a locally owned and operated business proudly providing exceptional service to our fellow business owners. If anyone understands the importance of having your business run smoothly, it’s us. Furthermore, we understand that one little issue can quickly affect your company’s bottom line. As such, we go above and beyond to ensure we give you the best possible options to get back in business as soon as possible. We offer the area’s fastest turnarounds while ensuring your roof receives the touchups or overhauls it needs in order to keep business safe for your patrons.

Without a roof, there is no business. Much like homeowners, your clients rely on your business to operate safely and comfortably. Nothing says discomfort like the decay of one of your property’s most important features. Don’t allow your roof to go without help, and in turn allow your business to suffer. We offer our services at an incredibly fair rate, incentivizing you to keep on top of your roof’s well-being.

Commercial Vs. Residential- Similarities and Differences

First and foremost, whether we service a commercial or residential property, we treat everyone with the same level of respect and care. At Born Again, there is no such thing as preferential treatment or preferred customers. Everyone we service is worthy of top-grade craftsmanship and will receive it, without question. All of our customers are premium and valued and will always receive the same level of care and attention to detail.

With that in mind, our process is largely the same. We ask questions to gauge your exact needs and find the right choices to prolong and sustain your roof’s life. Moreover, we have the credentials and knowledge necessary to work on both types of roofing. Truth be told, there are differences between the styles, and they’re differences. Point blank, if a residential roofer says they can take care of a commercial property but have never done so before, be careful before accepting their help. It’s not that residential and commercial have inherently massive differences in their procurement per se, but those subtle differences can and will make a difference where it counts.

The biggest difference between commercial and residential roofing is typically the style and design. Commercial buildings like restaurants, shops, factories, and warehouses lean towards using a flat-top design. As a result, these buildings usually take a bit longer to work on, merely because of their size. Without the proper craftsmanship and labor force, it’s nearly impossible to facilitate the job smoothly. Moreover, commercial buildings may also have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units on top of their roofs. It takes skill and experience to facilitate a job that accounts for the HVAC unit. Not only are we experienced in working with a myriad of different roofing types, but as remodelers, we know how to work around an HVAC unit and reassemble any portion of them if necessary.

Much like residential homes, the materials are going to play one of the most significant roles in how we perform the job. This is particularly necessary for commercial buildings that have specific requirements and regulations based on building codes. In essence, adhering to design principles is vastly important, especially in a location like a strip mall or anywhere where these businesses are interconnected. We’ll not only have the finished product looking immaculate, but it will look uniform all the same.

In addition, the team at Born Again is highly certified and backed by all of the necessary credentials and licensure. This can be vitally important when working on your commercial property. We take precaution in every job, that we undertake, but knowing the stakes surrounding commercial work adds yet another layer of dimension to the work. Again, our team is made up of highly competent and seasoned experts who understand the sensitive nature of commercial work. In that regard, we take the work we do extremely seriously.

Regular Maintenance Strengthens Your Commercial Property

Major replacements and installations can put your business out of operation for several days at a time. It might not seem like a lot to someone who isn’t involved in business, but those several days can have a huge impact on your bottom line. That’s why we offer routine maintenance plans for businesses that prevent major damage from blindsiding your business and suspending your operations. Naturally, certain damage can happen without warning, leaving you exposed. Nevertheless, routine maintenance works wonders for keeping your roof healthy and keeping your business on its feet. We work hand in hand with businesses to create regular maintenance and repair plans that make sense for their scheduling and consider all the optics surrounding business life.

As a for-profit company ourselves, we implicitly understand the need for operating in a healthy and well-maintained space. Let us help alleviate the very real stress surrounding your roofing job, by showing up for you consistently, and performing the necessary work to keep your business running functionally and you feeling satisfied.

Services At-A-Glance

As for services, we offer the same exact catalog for commercial roofing as we do for residential. We offer installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and any other number of preventative and restorative services. We take care of the entire process from A to Z dealing with the evaluations and diagnosis, and the cleanup surrounding major jobs. We leave you with a product that’s both visually stunning and structurally sound. Our ultimate goal is to leave you with a roof that fulfills all of your needs, in both aesthetic and practical manners.

We try to incorporate affordability into everything that we do. Particularly for businesses that are independent and built from the ground up like ours. We want to provide the best service possible at a price that gives you flexibility and leeway. We cannot guarantee our prices are the lowest around, but what we can guarantee is that our prices offer the best value hands down. For more information regarding any portion of what we do, and how we tailor our services to fit the needs of commercial customers, let’s get in contact today.

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