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Residential Maintenance- The Key to Prolonged Health

It’s interesting how little emphasis is often put on roof health. You would think that the apex of your home’s architecture would cause for a more stringent plan of action. Nevertheless, we understand the tendency to ignore things when they function. After all, not many of us are waiting around for the next household item to break, nor are we anticipating how to fix it. Things happen, and when they do, Born Again is the one you want for your roof repair crew.

Typically, by the time people come to us, they’re long past the early stages of developing a routine maintenance plan. By that time, the issue has become too large for simple maintenance. Conversely, we’re here to educate you on the art of maintenance. In particular, why roof maintenance is important to your structure’s overall health and how we execute it.

Who Needs Roof Maintenance, and Why?

Frankly, nearly everyone can benefit from routine roof maintenance. If for no other reason, than it keeps your home in aesthetic order. More importantly, roof maintenance protects investments (for those who have recently installed new structures) and keeps aged roofs in immaculate condition, as they’re subjected to wear and tear. Perhaps that is the simple answer everyone is looking for. Despite how well your roof was installed, the materials involved, and the abject newness, it’s always a good idea to protect your investment and protect yourself in the process.

Now that you understand why roof maintenance is important, we’ll take you through the typical protocol of a roof maintenance plan. The more you know about roof maintenance and care, the better equipped you’ll be to prevent and predict problems. Here are some common maintenance services, and how they help to improve the roof’s overall health.

Cleaning: Your cleaning routine will definitely vary depending on your roof’s materials. Certain materials require an extra level of TLC to keep them functioning well. Not to mention, a good clean can seriously bump up the aesthetic value and curb appeal of your roof. For example, shingles are a roof finish that is subject to dirt accumulation. However, a simple clean of shingles keeps them clean and operational. When you keep shingles clean, you significantly reduce the chance of mosses and fungi. Sometimes, a few missing shingles can even be repaired by you easily enough. That said if you start to notice your shingles are breaking off or compromised, call us immediately.

Sealant: A sealant replacement can do absolute wonders on revitalizing your roof. Not to mention, it’s a relatively easy process to undergo even for novices. However, not everyone is meant to get on top of a roof. You stay grounded, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Sealant can be easily applied if no further issues prevent themselves. However, if you come across any sort of breakage or crack in the sealant, you’ll want to completely eradicate the old before ushering in the new.
Gutters: Gutters are often incredibly easy to overlook, yet they play such a crucial role in maintaining your roof’s health. If you notice any sort of issue with your gutters, such as build-up or breakage, you’ll want to remedy the situation immediately. Regular maintenance helps prevent your gutters from ever getting to the aforementioned stages. By regularly draining out your gutters, you’re ensuring water and liquid are successfully funneled away from your roof. After all, your roof is not meant to hold onto water accumulations for extended periods of time.

And More: Our maintenance offerings will differ based on your specific needs. Nevertheless, the team at Born Again has worked on countless different materials and structures. We know just how to keep your roof optimized and healthy in the midst of natural wear and tear. Our affordable maintenance programs are designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of major replacements down the line.

Repairs- For When Your Home Needs Care ASAP

Routine maintenance also helps keep you privy to any issues on your roof. Often times during our routine maintenance procedure, we’ll encounter issues that require repairs. Repairs can range from small and routine to major and time-consuming. Nevertheless, the best way to ensure your roof maintains its health is to take care of any repairs immediately and as they occur. Like any other type of breakage or problem, it’s in your best interest to get it fixed at once. In doing so, you prevent large-scale issues from worsening over time.

At Born Again, we offer every type of repair there is from the basic to the comprehensive. We typically recommend repairs when we believe they’ll remain intact over time. As opposed to a full-on replacement, if a repair is adequate, it will save you time and money. Regardless of what service we end up providing, our vision is simple. We always provide the best recommendation based on what your roof needs. Repairs can also help in prolonging the lifespan of your roof. While it’s true, most roofs are generally good for a 20-year span, there’s a definite possibility its life can be extended if you take care of your roof properly. Still, there’s no guarantee that any roof, even one of the highest pedigrees, will last over two decades. Even so, your best bet will always be to stay on top of its health.

The need for repair can generally be attributed to one of a few issues. A lot of them are outside influences like harsh weather and storm conditions, pests, infestations, sun damage, even random debris. Truth be told, your roof takes a beating on a daily basis. After all, its job is to protect you from any number of external issues. The last thing we want to do is inconvenience our clients, which is why repairs are only recommended if absolutely necessary. With free estimates, and the option to always say no, we passionately believe the choice comes down to you. That said, we will give you our professional opinion and recommendation, based on years of experience and continued education.

When it comes to repairs, with Born Again, you need only get them done once to ensure they’re done right. Your satisfaction is our final checkpoint for a completed job.

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