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As a locally owned and operated business, we at Born Again understand the mass amount of work that goes into running a healthy and functional company. Commercial buildings, like any buildings, accrue a lot of damage over time. When it comes to roofs, a lot of that damage comes as a result of natural wear and tear, but it doesn’t change the outcome. It’s not unusual for commercial and residential owners to unintentionally neglect the roof. We very often don’t register issues with our roofs until it is too late.

In the end, this is why we urge both residential and commercial to consider our affordable maintenance plans. We personally tailor our plans to fit your businesses’ needs. Our maintenance can occur as regularly as sporadically as you like. Moreover, we can perform commercial maintenance on any building regardless of whether we installed your roof or not. For those whose roofs we did install, our follow-up maintenance ensures you get the most out of your investment. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of your roof but also prevents minor damages from snowballing into major ones.

The reality is that some may see maintenance as little more than another avenue for profit. However, with two decades of experience, we’ve seen the results manifest firsthand. A few years might not seem like a sizable extension on your roof’s life, but when we’re dealing with large monetary sums, a cheap maintenance plan easily recoups its value. Not to mention, your business benefits from regular maintenance and cleaning, providing a safe and pristine environment for your patrons. To reiterate, we’re happy to work at a metric that makes sense for you. Whether you desire maintenance every few months, or twice a year, we’ll find the plan that makes the most sense both economically and practically.

More on Maintenance- Why it Matters for Your Business

The reason why we stress maintenance so heavily is that maintenance invariably costs less than undergoing repairs and replacements. While we’re willing and able to help our clients resolve roof problems at EVERY stage of its life, as a people-first business our goal is to give our clients the best chance possible at maintaining a healthy infrastructure. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, maintenance is pertinent. However, business owners have the added responsibility of ensuring a space is safe and operational.

We urge you to consider maintenance, especially when small issues start to occur. Human nature often tells us to hold out and see if problems resolve themselves. However, when it comes to roofing, if you start to see an issue, there is no chance it will reverse itself. When water starts to cause erosion, there’s no quick fix. As happy as we are to provide comprehensive repair services, we’ll always do our best to reiterate the importance of formulating a maintenance plan.

For what it’s worth, a significant portion of roofs in the United States are replaced prematurely. A lot of these replacements stem from problems that could have been remedied. For example, water damage can wreak havoc on your roof, rendering it useless. What’s particularly insidious about water, is it often takes weeks, in some cases MONTHS before the damage is noticed. A vast majority of water issues can be solved with regular maintenance. It’s also worth noting that many commercial roof maintenance programs are tax-deductible and cost substantially less than a replacement. Our maintenance programs test for vermin, infestations, rust, gutter issues, water damage, sealant breakages, and more.

Repairs- When Maintenance Isn’t Enough

Thanks to our experience, accreditations, training, and expertise, Born Again roof contractors can repair any roofing issue you encounter. In fairness, even the most elite of maintenance plans aren’t always fail-safes for repairs. Life is unpredictable, as are many issues that can potentially plague your roof. That’s why we encourage you to be cognizant of any potential issues.

When it comes to repairs versus replacements, time is of the essence. Like most things in life, the sooner a problem can be identified, the easier the path to refurbishing is. We understand this isn’t always a realistic course of action, however, if you start noticing issues with your roofing system, get in touch immediately. As a business owner, identifying a problem could mean the difference between having to temporarily suspend operating hours. Some repairs are minor and require little to no follow-up. Some problems are persistent and may eventually turn into replacements. Whatever the case may be, Born Again contractors know how to quickly diagnose issues and provide solutions that work.

Not to mention, we have experience working on all kinds of roofing styles including commercial buildings which often have a completely different setup than their residential counterparts. Our experience has no limitations, and we’re capable of solving issues expeditiously and effectively. We also do our best to keep our repairs as affordable as possible.

The Support You Need When You Need It

People often underestimate the stress and emotional havoc roof problems can wreak. Especially when that damage becomes visible, and you see the issues firsthand. As your roofing contractors of choice, we want you to know that we can and will remedy the problem regardless of the size and damage. No problem is too far out of our reach, regardless of how the optics around it look. For two decades, we’ve served the community, installing roofs in and around Rankin County to make our region a safer and more prosperous place to live.

As a fellow business, we want nothing more than to see you succeed and that’s why we offer emergency and on-demand services when we can. Regardless of the problem, we’re here to help you move into the solution as quickly and painlessly as possible. From a gutter clean to a sealant repair, we bring the same attention to detail to each job. For more information regarding our commercial repairs and maintenance programs, we encourage you to contact us today. We will find the solutions that make sense for your business and help alleviate the very real stress of building upkeep.

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