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Residential Roofing Replacement- The Who/What/When/Where/and Why’s

There are no qualms about it, replacing a roof is a labor-intensive prospect. For professionals like us at Born Again who have been replacing roofs for nearly two decades, it’s not so much a difficult job- as it is one that requires a lot of focus. However, thanks to years of experience working with different materials and replacing roofs in all kinds of disarray, we can provide replacements and installations for any residential building. We understand that roof replacements are always of an urgent nature, given they’re a key component of your home. As a result, we’ll ensure that you receive the proper care you need quickly and effectively.

Once we get to your property, we’ll be able to break down the nature of your roof and adequately gauge the proper course for replacement. There are a lot of different factors that will dictate the nature of the repair. For example, we cannot predict the cost, timeline, and materials needed until we actually assess and diagnose the issues with your roof. With that in mind, there are some general rules of thumb, and you can tentatively predict how the job will unfold. We’ve broken it down into an easy guide using the Five W’s:

Who: Born Again & You! When it comes to the clients we serve, in our twenty-year operation, we have worked on countless different jobs from the routine and customary to the hazardous and difficult. As such, we feel comfortable taking on any job regardless of how poor your roof’s current condition is. We are the team who comes to fix problems when nobody else will, allowing you to spend less time aimlessly searching for the right provider, and more time getting your livelihood back on track. We specialize in both residential and commercial building operations, enabling us to quickly identify issues and prescribe our solutions.

As far as who we are? Born Again is a locally owned and operated Christian business servicing Rankin County and Jackson. With twenty years of experience, a better business bureau accreditation, and a reputation for excellence, we are the obvious choice for roofing replacement and installation. Who we are matters just as much as what we do, which is why we’ve built our company on several core values, most importantly, integrity. With integrity at the forefront, you can relax knowing you’ve paired with a business that cares about people-first and profit second.

What: Roof Replacement and Installation. Unfortunately, there comes a time when repairs are no longer viable. You can certainly try your hand at repairing an ailing roof, but in the end, you will most likely end up sinking money into a roof that could have been replaced in a quicker and less expensive manner. The goal is to get the most out of your investment, whether you’re undergoing a repair or replacement. What we can confidently say, is that when a roof needs a replacement, you may invest more upfront, but you will walk away without having to consistently repair down the line.

Born Again will take care of the entire process from deconstruction to formulating a replacement, and executing an install. We take care of everything for you, making the process as easy as possible.

When: Fortunately, due to the climate in Mississippi, we can comfortably and safely replace roofs all year round. As for scheduling, we try our best to get you scheduled quickly to ensure you spend the least amount of time possible with a faulty roof. We understand better than anyone just how inconvenient a waterlogged or damaged roof can be, especially when it’s designed to keep you safe from the elements. For emergencies, we prioritize your property. If safety is a major issue, we’d rather get in there as soon as humanly possible.

We often receive some variant of the question “when will you be done” or “how long will this take”. Frankly, it’s contingent on a few primary factors. How complicated your architecture is, the nature of the damage, the materials we have to disassemble, the materials we have to install, the size of the roof, and the current season. Luckily, we’re not forced to play by the same hand as areas that experience harsh winters. Nevertheless, a hot and humid summer day can slow things down ever so slightly. Ultimately, we want to get the job done for you as soon as possible. Due to our experience working with all kinds of materials, we can typically get ANY job completed in less than two weeks. Conversely, some jobs can be completed in as little as one to two days. We won’t be able to give you a definitive timeline until we see the home in question. What we can promise, is that you’ll be updated during the entire process. Once we can gauge the nature of the job, it won’t take us long to give you a concrete estimate.

Where: We currently service residential buildings in the Jackson/Rankin County area of Mississippi. Our team travels all across the county, landing conveniently on your doorstep. Whether it’s our first or last visit to your home, we’ll always ensure we’re right where we need to be, when we need to be there. We make it a priority to be on time and punctual in everything that we do. Therefore, once we’ve established a timeline to meet, you can guarantee we’ll be there.

Why? The “why” of what we do is perhaps the easiest question to answer. Most of the time it’s not all that hard to determine when a replacement. Typically, if you’ve reached the need for replacement, it will be quite easy to identify the problems in your roof. A roof replacement can also come on the heels of natural aging. During our initial assessment, we’ll be able to verify the current condition of your home and recommend the next course of action. Why should you invest in a roof replacement and installation? As the key component to your safety, while existing in the structure, you want a roof that can hold up over time. Our new installs pair our state-of-the-art materials with our unbeatable technical skills. As a result, our clients will benefit from the industry’s best, securing their roof’s health for years to come.

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