Mississippi Bathroom Remodeling

Full-Service Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms receive a high level of wear and tear just based on their function. Hence why we at Born Again Remodeling like to provide a litany of different services to keep it in immaculate condition. Regardless of how well constructed your bathroom is, over time it will benefit from upgrades. Like any service that we provide, bathroom upgrades can vary in their costs. A complete overhaul will always be more expensive than a few simple tweaks. Nonetheless, we are committed to meeting you at the intersection of value and exceptional. For those in our community, we are always looking for ways to bring you more equitable pricing with our remodeling services. Through transparent communication, we give you all the details necessary to make informed choices about your spaces. While we may not offer the cheapest pricing upfront. there are many reasons to trust Born Again with your bathroom renovation.

Ultimately, it boils down to our “done right” the first-time approach. A cheap bathroom renovation is only useful if the job withstands the test of time. Meaning while you may pay other contractors less upfront, if you have to worry about the integrity of the job, it was not worth the discounts. No matter what project we’re working on, be it your roof or bathroom, we make it our mission to lead with integrity. We can tell when a job has been lazily conducted, and we make it a rule to never burden our clients with that feeling. We want you to be satisfied each and every time you open that door. 

Experts in the Craft 

When it comes to bathrooms, they’re usually crafted with practicality at the epicenter. Having a functional bathroom takes top priority for many clients. Especially considering a poorly functioning bathroom can be disastrous both physically and financially. Nevertheless, we understand many of our clients still desire a visually pleasing bathroom, and we’ll do our part to ensure they receive it. We believe that just because bathrooms are traditionally fabricated with function in mind does not mean aesthetics have to be compromised. Born Again will leave you with a bathroom that is top-notch in its utilitarian function, while still looking as enviable as ever. Through little tweaks and hacks, we can bring out the best in the bones.

Time Sensitive 

There is often a lot of anxiety that surrounds bathroom remodeling given the room’s utter importance. This anxiety is perfectly normal considering having access to a bathroom is non-negotiable for many people. This fear can be further exacerbated if you only have one bathroom in your home. To mitigate some of the stress surrounding bathroom access, we provide regular updates and transparent communication regarding the process. We also exercise keen time management in all of our home renovations, but particularly those regarding the bathroom. As a result, we do our part to work on your bathroom and get it turned around as expeditiously as possible. With that said, we will never compromise the work for the sake of quickness. We value your investments, which is why we will honor our promise to give you an exceptional product.

Our Services At a Glance

There are a lot of options that are available for bathroom renovations. They range from simple to complex. Our bathroom remodeling services range in size, scope, and price depending on what your end goals are. Regardless of the project at hand, our goal is to ensure it comes out looking like a masterpiece. When it comes to remodeling, the devil is truly in the details which is why we take time to make sure every last design aspect is accounted for. 

Born Again offers a large selection of services including (but not limited to) flooring, sink and shower conversions, tubs, and cabinets.

Shower and Tub Conversions: Shower conversions are a popular service considering the shower and tub are arguably two of the most important components of a bathroom. Furthermore, we never underestimate the power of a wonderful shower with immaculate water pressure. When it comes to our hygiene protocol, we all have our preferences, which is why we want to bring you showers and tubs that meet your expectations both functionally and aesthetically. We’re experts at optimizing the space around us and making the seemingly impossible happen through our innovative installs and conversions.

Cabinet Installations: The need for a vanity/cabinet installation will likely depend on the size and scale of your bathroom. When considering cabinetry in your bathroom, we always like to account for size. After all, you wouldn’t want a small bathroom to be swallowed up by a massive cabinet project. With that said, our cabinet installation is multi-faceted and allows you to make specific choices tailor-made for your style. We create fully customized prototypes that bring you what you want stylistically while still honoring the space you have. We can drastically change the atmosphere of a bathroom, simply by procuring a wonderful vanity and cabinet set.  

Floors: Just like in the kitchen, floors play a significant role in creating an atmosphere. Even so, it’s completely understandable to want practical options for your bathroom. We have plenty of flooring options including tile, laminates, hardwoods, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, and more. With a huge selection of options in all kinds of sensational styles, you won’t ever have to compromise aesthetics for practicality again. We’ll work with you to find the best solution, bringing you all kinds of options in texture, style, and color.

Sinks: When it comes to spaces like a bathroom, even a sink can make a huge difference in the way it appears. Like all of our bathroom services, we’ve found a way to incorporate incredible design principles with peak functionality. Many of today’s best pieces are beautifully rendered and cutting edge in performance. Our competent team has no problem extracting the old and installing the new when it comes to just about any component of your bathroom.

At Born Again Remodeling, our licensed and insured team fuses artistic ingenuity with raw workmanship to bring you a fully actualized remodel in both function and sophistication. With years of experience to guide us, we know how to bring you the best of the trends and the best of the timeless.