Kitchen Remodeling Experts

Economical and Exceptional Kitchen Remodeling

Born Again Roofing & Remodeling has taken our craftsmanship to the next level by providing remodeling services in tandem with our roofing options. Our team is here to help you procure the kitchen of your dreams through all kinds of renovations ranging from the simple and pleasant to the grandiose and astonishing.

Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee, preparing lunch for the day, or hosting an intimate dinner party, the kitchen is one of the most trafficked rooms in the house. When it comes to a place where you spend copious amounts of time, there are plenty of reasons to invest in remodeling services. For starters, the kitchen is one of the main thoroughfares of the home. It will commonly host you and your guests. As a result, it will likely sustain natural wear and tear over time. Regardless of your personal cooking prowess, there is always value in staying current with your kitchen. It is also common knowledge that kitchen upgrades are extremely useful for upping resale value. A remodel can serve you for years to come and prove a positive asset for resale should you ever choose to sell your home in the future.

A Customer-First Experience

At Born Again, we take a vested interest in your project and enjoy nothing more than bringing your visions to life. As a people-first company, we commit to working with clients who have varying needs and differing project sizes. The kitchen is an ideal room for renovations because the catalog of potential upgrades is vast. The sheer number of upgrades available means there’s something for everyone, regardless of budget and means. We’ll customize the kitchen of your dreams, reflecting top-quality at every turn. As we go through the process, we make it a note to stay within your budget while fulfilling your dreams as best we can. Together, we’ll build you something you’ll love for years to come.

Our Services At a Glance

Clients may tend to believe that we won’t offer as comprehensive a catalog given our corresponding roofing practice. On the contrary, our roofing side of the operation has prepared us in many ways for knowing how to execute a clean and effective remodel. You can always guarantee you are being connected with ethically sourced material that passes the quality test at every turn. Moreover, we can assist you with just about any part of the process by providing remodeling services for countertops, flooring, cabinets, backsplashes, custom trim, and more.

Cabinets and Hardware: Cabinets often serve as the foundation of a kitchen. In the scheme of remodeling projects, cabinetry is not particularly difficult to renovate but it will objectively change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen. Cabinets can significantly alter the overall aesthetic, which is why we usually recommend overhauling them first. At which point, you may feel your need for change is completely satiated. Nevertheless, the cabinets are always a good place to start before we begin to venture into other areas of the kitchen.

Countertops: Countertops are critical components of the kitchen. A newly minted countertop can significantly increase the value of your home, especially if you’re cycling out an older and worn-down finish. A countertop overhaul will significantly change the optics of your kitchen considering countertops are critical to the anatomy of your kitchen and serve as natural framing devices. Born Again can help you decide which countertop is best for your needs. As your resident material experts, we can help you decide the best choice for your countertops based on the desired result, pricing, and resale value. Ultimately, we want to find the best choice for your kitchen, whether you want to upgrade the current version of your material or try something different entirely. Whether you live for the bright and bold, or classic and clean, we know how to make a statement using top-of-the-line finishes.

  • Granite
  • Soapstone
  • Marble
  • Quartz (Engineered Stone)
  • Ceramic
  • And More!

Flooring: When it comes to flooring, we usually encourage our clients to keep both the practical and visual at the forefront of their decision. Born Again recognizes that each homeowner has specific concerns regarding flooring. Some clients may put significant stock in having durable flooring, while others might be particular about the appearance. In our practice, we try to lead you towards the option that gives you a little bit of both.

Whether or not you often use your kitchen for its intended purposes, the room typically shoulders a lot of natural wear and tear over time. Our experts are thus here to help you make the choice that accounts for your specific lifestyle and fits well into the confines of your budget. As with all of our materials, whether we’re roofing or remodeling, we keep in mind the best finishes for resale value, lifespan, and timelessness. Needless to say, we possess the necessary experience to help you find the right flooring choice for the context of your lifestyle. Here are some of the flooring finishes we offer for our clients:

  • Vinyl 
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Hardwood
  • Cork
  • Linoleum 
  • And More!

A proper flooring procedure may take a few days to finish, and it will keep you out of certain spaces for a decent amount of time. That said, the small inconvenience eventually leads to a beautifully installed floor that meets all the important standards of durability and practicality. A few days of minimal discomfort is a small sacrifice for immaculate floor installation built to combat wear and tear. Having the proper floor installed will make a world of difference in your kitchen. With our flooring services, you will never have to compromise your personal style in favor of what you need. At Born Again, we give you the key to a brand-new kitchen, with a price point that fits your terms. With a bit of flexibility and problem-solving, we can find ways to get our clients their heart’s desire in renovations

Purveyors in Style 

Our years of experience in roofing and remodeling have taught us that creativity is always present in the details. As creatives ourselves, we value the process of invention and problem-solving in unique ways. As such, each job serves as a canvas for us to curate a kitchen that is equal parts visually stunning as it is practical. The kitchen will always take precedence in the renovation process due to its inherent importance, which is why we feel strongly about giving you incredible customer service. With the overall goal of providing, you with a kitchen that exceeds your expectations every time you walk in. Every job, regardless of size and scope, is treated with the same focus and enthusiasm. Whether a small project or start from scratch makeover, we look forward to serving you with nothing short of sensational.