Jackson MS Home Additions

Born Again- Providing Livable Remodeling & Home Renovations

One of the most challenging parts of creating home additions is ensuring they blend in seamlessly with the structural integrity of your home. With twenty years of experience installing roofs and procuring remodels, we’ve had the opportunity to build up our understanding of what makes incredible craftsmanship. Additions, in particular, require a keen sense of attention to detail, and the intuition to see universal threads and stay consistent with themes. We design our additions to become fully functional components of your home, and blend in seamlessly with your home regardless of age and structure.

By nature, undergoing any type of remodeling can prove disruptive and messy. In order to ensure a job is executed to its fullest extent, there truly are no shortcuts or ways to circumvent the discomforts of remodeling. Nevertheless, we do our part to mitigate any unnecessary chaos and get you back into all the spaces of your home in short order. Depending on their complexity, certain remodels can displace you for periods of time. However, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs, as we work on your new addition. Ultimately, we aim to make the process run as smoothly as possible, with the result being a product you adore.

Additions That Reflect Organic Growth

The wonderful thing about being a dual operational roofing and remodeling business is that we innately understand the process of building from the ground up. Additions are sensitive in the same way that roofing is sensitive, especially when trying to merge everything from a style standpoint. Our additions can bring together exterior components or add an entirely new dimension to your existing premises. Moreover, the vast majority of our concern stems from preserving the integrity of your home in the additions that we create.

With Born Again, you receive contractors who are well versed in the skill, adaptable to unforeseen challenges and know how to create with tact and focus. Unlike traditional homebuilders, our background in roofing helps us fit new pieces where they need to be effortlessly and efficiently. We know how to fuse the timeless with the modern, to create something brand-new yet storied. It is through this lens of expertise that we feel confident providing additions that fit into the fabric of your established lifestyle.

A Design Process that Incorporates You

When it comes to matters of building a piece of your home, you clearly need to have a voice at the table. Our ability to work with our clients collaboratively, ensures they get an addition to their home that is smartly rendered and reflective of personal style. Whether we are building forms & walls or roofing or exteriors, your handprint should be omnipresent in your design process. Nothing brings us a sense of satisfaction quite like seeing the reaction of our customers when they first encounter their addition. Our drive, experience, and keen perception allow us to build you something truly one-of-a-kind.

Our Services at a Glance

Given the nature of additions, we keep our services relatively open-ended in terms of what we offer. With the right person at the helm of the project, there’s extraordinarily little we can’t make happen with the right game plan. Additions can range in their difficulty from brand-new add-ons to the restricting of established rooms. Regardless of the task at hand, we always look forward to bringing something to life that was once a mere dream.

Roofing and Exteriors- With plenty of experience to guide us in this realm, additions, as they pertain to roofing and exteriors, are a walk in the park. We can provide these services on just about any home addition, merging it perfectly with the established portions of your property. We do so with thoughtfulness and thoroughness to bring you a product nothing short of sophisticated.

Forms and Walls- The bones of a home mean everything, and the same can be said for additions. We work diligently to ensure you receive a product that can both withstand the test of time and integrate perfectly into the greater context of your spaces. Whether we’re expanding rooms, collapsing them entirely, or redesigning space, we have the golden touch needed to expertly render the results.

And More: Again, when it comes to additions, there’s genuinely little that’s not in our immediate wheelhouse. We work to meet our client’s needs and cut out the middlemen in projects like these that really only serve as another contractor to pay. Born Again provides a licensed and insured option that can change your house holistically piece by piece. When all is said and done, we want to provide our clients with a safe, economical, and enjoyable experience that involves them as much or as little as they wish to be. We work with you and for you to procure amazing results.

Our Promises to You

When it comes to remodeling, the goal is always clear. We will never leave a space in a worse condition than we found it. We are always aiming for an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations, bringing you something invaluable in the process.

With years of experience and hands-on training, you can trust that anyone who enters your house who is a part of our team, knows just how to provide you with exactly what you need in a safe and efficient way. We enter each job with a “people-first” approach and constantly remind ourselves of the people behind the project. It’s our duty to leave you with something you love, and love to look at.

For more information regarding the process of additions, we’re happy to discuss more at your leisure. With as many options as we have available, it’s nearly impossible to consolidate all of it on one page. We’ll get you started by discussing the details of your project and giving your vision the proper attention, it deserves. As is true with all of our remodeling jobs, we’re simply thrilled to have the opportunity to bring your visions to life.